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Episode 1 - The Troll fairy

Episode 1 - The Trollfairy  (Story by Lars Laustsen and translation by Mimi K Jensen )


My eyes is closed. What can I feel? My old whiskers tickles my face, my tail falls to the floor from my chair, and my hand is holding a tiny little bottle.

It feels cold in my hand.

I bring it up to my nose, because I have to make sure it has the right smell.


What can I smell? A sweetness from berries, burned skin of a fly, and salt from the sea.

This is the right scent to make: "The secret Elixir.!!!" I yells to myself because there are no others out there  here in the woods that can hear me.

When I just said that, my whiskers begins to tickles more and I suddenly loose my grip on the bottle and I can sense how the bottle will fall down to the floor. My eyes are still closed and my Sorceress reflexes kicks in:

(A Sorceress reflex is much faster than a normal reflex.)

***My other hand catching the bottle. Just before it hits the floor ***

It's The bottle which are still open and a drop jumps out and landed on the same hand as I hold the bottle, I feel the drop is getting bigger and bigger on my hand and suddenly comes a loud POW that's so loud that it rings for my ear the next five seconds.


But Something is not right, the smell of the room has become different ...

Uh, it is just the candle that has been snuffed out.

Snuffed out? But there is no wind?

I open my eyes and look around in the half darkened room, it looks like itself. A room with lots of untidy mess; open, scattered books, dead beetles in brass cages, dried leaves, herbs and flowerbuds in delicate bowls and half empty elixir bottles all over the place.

I look down to see what happened to the drop and if my elixir is still intact? but it is gone? "Gone!" I yell out. No sign of anything strange from the drop and the Elixir is away from my hand, without having noticed it. My old paws are not so good anymore.

Some may have taken it, but who?

I jump up from the chair "Who has taken it!" I yell with force. "How did you take it?", I'm looking around but it's hard to see something in this dark room, maybe the thief has run out?

So I run out in front of my little house, which is completely out in the woods, no one to see, no trace to find. That was strange, I thought. I go into the little house again and the candle has begun to light again.

I have not turned it on, I think, but who can it be? I now notice a little creature, the size of my paw but what is it? ... a troll? It's as ugly as a troll, strange big eyes and a mouth that's too big for the little head ... a fairy? It has beautiful butterflies wings like a fairy ... so what is it? ... a trollfairy that's what it looks like. "Hey little Trollfairy, where did you come from?" It flies up and sits down with the little bottle in front of me. I recognize it on the content that is blue with yellow stripes. It's my elixir, "So it's you who took it." I wonder as a madman, where did it come from? Then it turns out that the answer is right there, Trollfairy. So I ask it just to be sure, "Have you come from this mixture?" but it just begins to fly around with the bottle.


"Little Trollfairy will you be nice and give me the little bottle you're flying around with?”

But it just laughs, with its little hoarse voice, "Hahaha" while it flies around between all the books.

I'm jumping around like a crazy little tiger after this strange little Trollfairy, who just laughs all the time. The books are even more in disarray and all the papers fly around in the room as a whirlwind of enchanted colours. I can not keep chasing this little bandit, it's far too fast and I've become too old, so I stop my chase and settling down for a while to think.

Can it real come from the secret elixir? Was that the drop that fell out?

The effect of the Elixir should be plain; fulfill what the heart desires mostly... wait a minute... The Elixir landed on me, so it must be my heart's desire!

When I sat and made it, I wish I had a little helper who would help me collect the flowers in the woods, find the right leaves in the trees and come up with the different things while I was stirring around the pot.

Hey you! Trollfairy, are you meant to be my little helper?"

It stops laughing and looks at me " "frre erir ofs grod" it says. "I do not understand anything, can you say it differently?" I ask the Trollfairy cautiously.

It turns around and stands on his hands with his head down and says the same again as it exudes a loud, booming evil laughter "Hahaha"

I now know that it understands me so I put my face down to it and look deep into the big eyes and I raise my voice: " You are not funny!".

The Trollfairy stops and falls down on the back, like a turtle lying on it's shell.

What is it doing now?

Then it begins to give a shelf sound, a very high shelf sound that just go forever. I immediately swipe my ears down on my shoulder so I can not hear it. I'm trying to overdo it "So stop !!!" But it does not work. I poke it, but it does not move, It just keeps on whining. I hurry to take my elixir. I'd rather try to say that it's actually fun, it might stop screaming: "Hi, you Trollfairy! You're You are funny. Come on, stop your yelling, hello, little helper!" It did not work, it's still lying on the back and rolling around like a wrench yarn that can not trill.

There is only one thing to do, pouring a drop of my elixir over it and hoping for the best. so I pray that it is my heart's desire that will stop trollfairys shouting.

So I take my secret elixir and close my eyes…

I take the cork off the bottle. The smell is all the same, not a scent next to it; the strong, salty smell makes my whiskers vibrate with satisfaction. In flowing motions I pour a single drop from the raised bottle and let the drop hit the Trollfairy. I really hope that it will not turn into some huge evil monster coming after me.

I wait a few moments, it has stopped howling, then I open my eyes.

Where is it? It's no longer there. I'm rushing to remove some books to see if it's hiding there, and I'm right that it's hiding but not there. Because I can hear its laughter again behind me. I have almost come  to the corner of my little house as I turn to the corner to find it. But instead, I'm looking at myself. I'm getting a little shock that I look so old, but it's just my mirror image in a big floor mirror. I just think that my inner desire should be young again, that would be much better. I can hear that little funny bandit again, behind the big mirror.

I push the mirror carefully and really hope it's small and ugly ...