I love fantasy worlds.

Im working on this story.

Part 1

Part 1 The Sorceress

There will be 10 Episode in part 1

(Story by Lars Laustsen and translation by Mimi K Jensen )


Episode 1

My eyes is closed. What can I feel? My old whiskers tickles my face, my tail falls to the floor from my chair, and my hand is holding a tiny little bottle.

It feels cold in my hand.

I bring it up to my nose, because I have to make sure it has the right smell.


What can I smell? A sweetness from berries, burned skin of a fly, and salt from the sea.

This is the right scent to make: "The secret Elixir.!!!" I yells to myself because there are no others out there  here in the woods that can hear me.

When I just said that, my whiskers begins to tickles more and I suddenly loose my grip on the bottle and I can sense how the bottle will fall down to the floor. My eyes are still closed and my Sorceress reflexes kicks in:

(A Sorceress reflex is much faster than a normal reflex.)

***My other hand catching the bottle. Just before it hits the floor ***

It's The bottle which are still open and a drop jumps out and landed on the same hand as I hold the bottle, I feel the drop is getting bigger and bigger on my hand and suddenly comes a loud POW that's so loud that it rings for my ear the next five seconds.



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A Danish comicbook i have write.

Vingbummernes Verden

The world of Vingbum (Danish)

Story and World writer by Lars Laustsen, illustrator by Rasmus Rafael 



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